Previous Projects and Supervised Theses


  • Testbed IoT: Setup of a distributed IoT structure with open-source components (Kephera robot as IoT sensors over MQTT, MQTT-Broker with Eclipse Mosquite, Apacha Kafka for distributed streaming, Apache Spark) for analysis of security in IoT platforms

    Contact person: Martin Damm

  • Industry 4.0-Testbed: Setup of a virtual distributed set of devices that utilize OPC/UA, allowing to communicate with "real" machines via proprietary interfaces, to analyse the IT security of machine networks.

    Contact person: Sachar paulus

  • Industry 4.0-Demonstrator: Conceptual design and setup of a industry 4.0 demonstrator communication via MQTT.

    Contact person: Maximilian Hauske

  • Internet of Things: Development of a direct IoT connection between a programmable logic controller and a MQTT-Broker.

    Contact person: Maximilian Hauske

Relevant theses: