KIS for Enterprises

The Competence Center for Information Security is an ideal partner for enterprises when it comes to researching modern IT and information security concepts, making them ready for practice or transferring them into everyday life.

We combine classic consulting expertise on IT security (through the experience of professors) with current technical and non-technical IT security topics (blockchain, machine learning, ...) and the willingness to try out unusual approaches (students and their creativity).

Some examples:

  • Security analysis of IT projects
  • Investigation of the security of developed software
  • Consulting in the design of secure software and IT system architectures

These offers can also be linked with support measures.

In addition, we also offer our cooperation partners to participate in courses on IT and information security (as a guest auditor at low cost - for a test / certificate please contact us!). The following events are open in the summer semester of 2019:

  • Applied cryptography: Blockchain and other applications of cryptographic methods.
  • Network security (Rossi): Technical basics of security in computer networks (protocols, firewall configurations, detection of attacks and malicious code, etc.)
  • Penetration Testing (Ullrich): Advanced event aimed at testing professional (web) applications for security.
  • Secure Internet Services (Paulus): Assessing the Security of Internet Services (WhatsApp, Github, ...)
  • Security in computer networks (Damm): Basics of cryptographic protocols and use in a separate project for encryption.
  • Security in Embedded Systems (Bohli): TPM, Secure Memory, and Chip Level Security.
  • Web architectures (Damm): Build, program, and communicate to and from client-server applications with SOAP and REST.

Further information can be obtained from Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus.


Prof. Dr. Jens-Matthias Bohli
Department of Information Technology

+49 621 292-6352


Prof. Dr. Martin Damm
Department of Information Technology

+49 621 292-6858


Prof. Dr. Miriam Föller-Nord
Department of Computer Science

+49 621 292-6224


Prof. Dr. Maximilian Hauske
Department of Electrical Engineering

+49 621 292-6266


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sandro Leuchter
Department of Computer Science


Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus
Department of Computer Science

+49 621 292-6708


Dipl. Inform. (FH) Michaela Schulz, M.A.
Campus IT

+49 621 292-6231


Gabriel Eichelkraut
Student Assistant

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Marc Le Large
Student Assistant

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